Thursday, January 26, 2017

Lex Machina Launches New Apps: Instant Insights into Litigation Damages and Parties

LexMachina is a system  exploding with data. But Data doesn’t equal insights until you combine elements into a query. Data analysis is pretty new to legal research and Lex Machina is on a mission to keep making it easier for lawyers to extract powerful insights with minimum – as in “no” training. It also enables lawyers to ask completely new questions.
The Lex Machina system includes hundreds of data elements which can be combined in thousands of permutations. Their modules currently cover, Patent, Trademark, Copyright, Antitrust,ITC and Securities Litigation.  
Today Lex Machina is releasing two important new apps: The Damages Explorer and the Parties Comparator which provide instant insights to litigators. Attorneys can use both apps to quickly model different strategic approaches – using information from the Lex Machina database  that previously would have taken weeks to compile using a team of researchers.
Damages Explorer delivers the first-of-its-kind ability to expose,  compare and analyze individual damages awarded. The app  can analyze damages awarded by judge,  court, and  type of  damages. Sample reports include:
·         attorneys’ fees in a specific district
·         infringement damages awarded by a particular judge


According to the press release Lex Machina has the only complete record of damages awards in patent, copyright, trademark, securities, and antitrust cases since 2009.

Parties Comparator enables  lawyers to compare parties  across multiple criteria, such as litigation volume, performance, and outcomes. For each party being compared, the application shows damages, remedies, findings won or lost and case timing milestones.
Compare Litigation Timing By Party
Compare Case Filings by Party
The press release highlights the value of this  app as  enabling GCs  to perform peer benchmarking and for law firms to gain deeper insights into  clients and  to improve legal strategies.  

From the PressRelease:
“Today, attorneys need data-driven insights to make sound legal and business decisions. Our new Damages Explorer and Parties Comparator, deliver unprecedented information within seconds instead of days or weeks,” said Josh Becker, Lex Machina’s CEO. “Being able to easily explore the damages awarded in similar cases, enables attorneys to gauge whether to pursue or settle a case before setting foot in a courtroom. Similarly, the ability to analyze how opposing parties or similar companies have fared in court can give attorneys valuable strategic insights, instant decisioning capabilities, and a distinct competitive advantage.”
The Lex Machina Suite of Apps. Lex Machina’s previously released  Legal Analytics Apps (Early Case Assessor, Motion Kickstarter, and Patent Portfolio Evaluator) and Comparator Apps (Courts and Judges Comparator and Law Firms Comparator).

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